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Our Focus

The research interests of Dong's group includes developing and synthesis of novel nanomaterials and elucidating their photophysical and electronic properties for photonics, energy, and photocatalysis applications. 


Semiconductor nanocrystals or Quantum Dots (QDs) possessing superb optical properties such as tunable narrow-band emission, high luminescence efficiency, and solution processability are highly suitable for the next generation materials of novel photonics and energy applications. Research in the Dong group at the University of Oklahoma focuses on the developing and synthesis new QDs with exquisite control of size, shape and surface, and studying their optical and electronic properties at the single particle level. Our group also aims to exploit the advanced QD materials to enable cutting-edge photonics devices such as ultra-fast single photon sources.

WE ARE HIRING! We have openings for Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate students, and  Undergraduate students. Click JOIN US for more information.  

Latest Publications

Liu, Y.†; Dong, Y.†; Zhu, T.; Ma, D.; Proppe, A.; Chen, B.; Zheng, C.; Hou, Y.; Lee, S.; Sun, B.; Jung, E. H.; Yuan, F.; Wang, Y. K.; Sagar, L. K.; Hoogland, S.; de Arquer, F. P. G.; Choi, M. J.; Singh, K.; Kelly, O. S.; Voznyy, O.; Lu, Z. H.; Sargent, E. H. Bright and Stable Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Perovskite Quantum Dots in Perovskite Matrix, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021,143, 15606. (†equal contribution)

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